A Little Store
That Got Way Outa Hand.

How it all started

The adventure began back in 1935 when Vol Sr. and Ida Nell Brashears started a lumber mill in Berryville, Arkansasin order to make wagon parts and hay-bailer blocks. Soon thereafter, and with the help of family and friends, they built a Big Barn that would eventually become the Brashears Hardwood Company. In order to make ends meet during the Great Depression, Brashears trapped and shipped live Rabbits and Bullfrogs all across America making Brashears the only factory operating six days a week in Berryville and one of Berryville's largest employers- Brashears truly escaped the Depression by a Hare!


The 1940 Tornado

The years after the Depression we're busy times for Brashears, but they came with new challenges. In 1940, atornado came right down Main Street and leveled everyhouse. Afterwards, Ida Nell started selling paint and wallpaper, turning the Brashears Hardwood company into some what of a General Store. In 1970, Vol Jr. and his wife Helen returned to Berryville to introduce a new concept to the family business. Vol Jr. traveled with his wife Helen to Dallas, Texas to scout out an emerging furniture market. Upon their return, Vol Jr. and Helen transformed the general store into Brashears Furniture Company.


The "Way Outa Hand" Part

In 19B7, Vol Jr's son Doug and his wife Susan moved from Dallas to help run the family business. At that time Brashears was still inthe 1930's era building that housed the original lumber mill. Doug and his father soon built a new building and moved the business in 1988. Soon thereafter, Doug's wife Susan and brother Vol Ill joined the company. The next decade was a very busy period trying to keep up with the booming lake area- which led to the opening of a new 13,000 square foot showroom in Branson. In 2002, Doug and Susan decided to try something completely different and in the opinion of many, quite risky. They built a huge 75,000 square foot showroom and warehouse in Berryville, Arkansas with a population of just over 4,000 people. Today, If you ask Doug why he built such a big showroom in the small town of Berryville, he would simply say "Because that's where Grandpa built it 75 years ago'

In 2007, Brashears opened a third showroom in Springdale, Arkansas making Brashears one of the largest family owned furniture stores in the midwest. Thanks to all of our customers, who we truly consider friends and family for helping to build "The Little Store That Got Way Outa Hand!"